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China-Global Air DDU \ DDP bus

Subject China-Global Air DDU \ DDP bus
Advantage Type Air Freight Service
Country China
Employees 10-50 people
Established In 2007
Description We undertake the China-Global Air DDU \ DDP business and has signed booking agency agreements with several airlines. At the same time, relying on the agency service network in 80 countries around the world, we can provide services like picking up, packing, warehousing, declaring customs and transportng by air for domestic cargo owners, booking, delivering and other services. We provide fast, safe, punctual and ultra-high efficiency which greatly shortens the delivery period and has greatly promoted the capital turnover and circulation.
Post Date 2022/03/20
Airline China Cargo Airlines
Offer Air Board Package or not Yes
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TONGSHIFANG International Freight Forwarding CO.,LTD

Address Room 6, Floor 2, Matching House, Joint Inspection Duilding, Comprehensive Bonded Area. PingXiang
City Pingxiang
Country China
Tel 86-18878980010
Contact person Zhi Qi Xiao
Company Showroom
Yu ICP No. 20001443