20 40 40HQ 45
12000.000 13500.000 13500.000 0.000
Carrier: CMA Expected Schedule: Transfer Port:
Voyage: 28 Container Type: GP B/L Requirments: M B/L
Ultimate Load: 17.5|25 Terms of Payment: PP Valid Date: 2021/08/14
Remark: LAX space available as below, First come First served 17/8 - 4 x 20'GP 22/8 - 1 x 20'GP 25/8 - 2 x 20'GP & 11 x 40'HC REMARK : LATE ROLL OVER / BOOKING CANCELLATION FEE - With effective 1st July 2021, Late roll over / booking cancellation fee will implement as below:- * Late Roll Over / Booking cancellation 3 working days before vessel ETD date = USD1250 / container * Late Roll Over / Booking cancellation 7 working days before vessel ETD date = USD1000 / container * Above roll over / cancellation fee is base on carrier BC given
Company Introduction
There is always a Solutions to every Obstacles in Logistics.
Allow Acuity to handle your Cargo & Freight shipments according to your needs! 

What excites Acuity is the never ending challenges that we have overcome every single day. How we strategize and plan for the best solutions on different shipments, how we see it being executed and how finally it is being delivered with a smile on our customers faces.

Get connect with Acuity Team and allow us to further elaborate our services personally to you. We will also customized a service that is suitable to your needs and grow alongside with you. Connect with us to know more.

We AIM to create experiences and grow alongside with all our partners and valuable customers in Solving Logistics Together!
Lastly, we want you to know that we CARE.
We believe that an authentic, caring attitude plays a very important part in this business world today

Acuity International Sdn Bhd

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