One-to-one meeting & Gala dinner

One-to-one meeting


The atmosphere was warm, and the representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises staged "wheel" "one to one" negotiation, sincere eyes, sincere language, face to face communication, so that Chinese and foreign logistics agents can express their "advantages" and "needs" without obstacles.

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The negotiation meeting adopts the form of pre-meeting appointment + meeting communication. Before the meeting, each party's advantages are displayed through one-to-one negotiation appointment system, accurate matching is made, and the negotiation intention is reached through online independent invitation, which improves the negotiation efficiency during the meeting.


According to the feedback from the participating companies, some of the agents they made friends with through video conferences between 2019 and 2022 also participated in the summit, and they also took the initiative to make appointments. Through the early video interaction, and this deeper understanding to strengthen the intention of cooperation!


Gala Dinner


OLO Founder & CEO Song Xuexin

At the beginning of the dinner, the OLO Founder & CEO Song Xuexin gave a toast, extending his sincere greetings and warm welcome to the guests from all over the world.

We will vigorously expand the global membership network, improve the global membership layout, continue to promote the honest cooperation among members, in promoting member transactions, expand customer channels, improve the quality of pallets and other aspects of innovation, become the world's leading international logistics comprehensive service platform, truly to empower global logistics enterprises!


OLO Founding Member


OLO Founding Member


OLO Founding Member


OLO Founding Member

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OLO Founding Member


OLO Founding Member


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Welcome dinner, warm atmosphere, harmonious exchange. To get closer to each other, the guests took photos of each other to record the unforgettable moment. The dinner was successfully concluded with the laughter and blessings of many participating guests.


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