Company Introduction

Shanghai Honesty International Logistcs CO.,Ltd is engaged in international logistics, especially  
Is the engineering project international logistics service professional company, headquarters in Shanghai, in the day  
Tianjin, Klang and Busan, India and other places to set up branches.  
Honesty International was established in 2012, focusing on professional overseas engineering integration  
Service, the company's core team in international logistics (including shipping, railway, etc.),  
International procurement and material supply has more than 10 years of operational experience, cooperation channel  
And management methods, we will open for more and more domestic and foreign project contracting enterprises  
Exhibition cooperation, including petrochemical, steel, power, mining, contracting construction, etc  
Industry engineering construction to provide comprehensive logistics ser

Shanghai Honesty International Logistcs CO.,Ltd

  • Country/Region: China
  • City: ShangHai
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  • Company address: Room 306-308, floor 3, Dongdu Mingming Building, No. 440, Quyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai
  • Contact: Zoey
  • Tel: +86-13817105156
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